PharmIdeas provides a wide range of products and services which can be used by all stakeholders in the healthcare sector. This section presents you with an introduction to some of the electronic products and resources we offer: 
• Learn all about our proprietary electronic quality of life tool, the eQTool;
• Read about our powerful organizational tool, Casterma©
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The use of a computerized tool to assess the quality of life (QoL) of subjects has been widely advocated in clinical practice.
PharmIdeas has created a computerized tool which offers a standardized approach to all subjects and help avoid problems of inter-rater reliability and administrator bias, which may occur when there are several interviewers, and help reduce other potential bias.

The eQTool, short for "electronic tool to capture health related quality of life (QoL) information", was developed to streamline the process of administering complex QoL questionnaires to patients or members of the general public.
The eQTool is composed of five sections: a menu bar; the shortcuts panel; the main panel; the navigation panel; and, the voice-over controls. 


Our pharmacoeconomic expertise can be used for a variety of economic evaluations. These economic evaluations provide a means for comparing different treatment options with regard to their costs and their outcomes.

Modules loaded in the Main Panel can serve to collect demographic information from the study participants, to introduce concepts (such as health states), and to collect health utilities based on participants’ own health state or based on described health state scenarios.

Additional modules can be added to the eQTool, depending on the study needs. These modules can be used to collect any supplementary demographic and/or clinical information that may be required.
The three main advantages of the eQTool over many other electronic questionnaires are:
1) a dynamic interactive interface for the TTO and SG,
2) the presence of a voice-over add-on, and
3) storage of the data in analyst-friendly format.

The computerization of the TTO and SG techniques makes them very easy to use, in contrast to their usually encumbering pen-and-paper administration. The voice-over feature was introduced to help guide participants through the eQTool.


The voice-over can be controlled and adapted to any studies and recorded in many languages or accents, at the request of the client. It also enables the participant to easily complete the survey in a very short time, possibly without the administrator/interviewer’s interference.

The survey is completed, the database programmed for saving all collected data can easily be transferred to the analyst via various means, including through web enabled electronic data capture.

Examples of studies based on the eQTool platform:
Example: Bazarbashi S, De Vol EB, Maraiki F, Al-Jedai A, Ali AA, Aljuffali IA, Iskedjian M. Empirical Monetary Valuation of a Quality-Adjusted Life-Year in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: A Willingness-to-Pay Analysis. PharmacoEconomics (Open) 2020 April, Online open publication.

Example: Iskedjian M, Tinmouth A, Arnold DM, Deuson R, Isitt J, Mikhael J. Elicitation of utility scores in Canada for immune thrombocytopenia treated with romiplostim or watch and rescue. Journal of Medical Economics 2012, 15 (2): 313-331

To learn more about the eQTool or to find out how it can help you in your studies, please contact us at ideas@pharmideas.com.


Pharmacoeconomic Display Model©

We have developed a powerful tool for displaying the results of any pharmacoeconomic analysis.

Our Pharmacoeconomic Display Model© will enable you to visually illustrate, in a comprehensive, effortless and transparent manner, complex analytical outcomes which are instantly updated as input parameters are varied.
The Pharmacoeconomic Display Model© is highly interactive.

Feel free to click on the various tabs (e.g., Drug Costs) and change some of the parameters to see instant changes in the results and their graphical representation. 


Budget Impact Model©

The Pharmacoeconomic Display Model© platform can be adapted to display interactive budget impact models (BIM) for any type of interventions, treatments or devices.

The BIM can be adapted to any perspective and/or jurisdiction and accordingly provide a powerful evaluation and negotiation tool for reimbursement purposes.


eValuation Model© 

The eValuation Model©, based on the Pharmacoeconomic Display Model© platform offers a powerful tool for the valuation, market projections and estimation of the potential for new products and/or devices in development as well as existing products in new markets.

If you wish to see a demo, please contact us for more information.



Complex projects such as submissions to health authorities, including for reimbursement or regulatory purposes, and large-scale multi-national or long-term projects are often associated with a certain set of intricate challenges: numerous documents originating from different sources and in a constant state of flux; a repeatedly evolving research team comprised of in-house personnel and consultants, each with a specific set of responsibilities and each being privy to particular aspects of the project; and, a potential lack of cohesiveness between these key components.

Casterma© is a powerful organizational tool which addresses these issues, and does much more. Firstly, Casterma© serves as a hub for all the documents relevant to a project and categorizes these documents into easily-accessible and easily-searchable sub-groups.

By time-tagging new or newly-reviewed documents, Casterma© promotes an interactive and collaborative environment where documents can quickly be drafted, revised and approved. Within files, search, highlight, copy and print features can be added as per the need of the project. With its streamlined interface, intuitive navigational system, on-demand technical support and built-in search and contact engines, Casterma© can easily be used by all the personnel of a project, with minimal training.

Casterma© is also a powerful management tool, enabling the project manager to efficiently target startegic areas. Access to each section, document, part of document or contact information in Casterma© is overseen by the project manager who can decide to what extent each member of the project team will have access to various aspects of the project. This allows for a great balance between a high degree of interactivity between team members and an efficient allocation of project resources. Furthermore, Casterma© can generate usability reports providing a detailed assessment of how these resources were utilized. 


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