Software Development, dashboards, apps and more

We have produced several interactive models and interfaces such as:

- Dashboards for presenting results of pharmaco-economic evaluations and instantly updating them as per end-users modifications in parameter values.

-Dashboards for displaying statistical analysis of the model and instantly updating results as per end-users modifications in parameter values.

We can develop health-related apps, for medical or personal use as well as for facilitating clinical and health-related research.

We can develop interactive project management software tailored to your needs, while keeping the highest level of required digital security. Our software will enable you supervising and keeping up-to-the minute tracking of all aspects of your projects.

We develop customized Excel applications which are automated for efficiency and accuracy. Data is integrated from multiple files automatically. We also help our clients put together customised PowerPoint presentations which do not use templates.

For more details, please read our our Resources section, or email us at ideas@pharmideas.com.  


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